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2017 Crab and Pasta Feed Was A Great Success!


Hall of Fame Dinner and Dance

April 8, 2017




About the Hall of Fame Committee

In the March of 2005 Jim Underhill, Steve Casperson, Dave Albritton and Jim Lanz all attended the Santa Rosa Junior College Hall of Fame. When we met at the dinner the conversation quickly turned to a single topic. We all asked what it would take to create a Hall of Fame at Piner. With over 40 years of history the time seemed right.

In May of 2005 we held our first meeting. The committee included Bob Zeni, Jan Hansen, Lee Torliatt and Randy Nunes along with the alumni mentioned above. By July our committee members had grown to include the ranks of Betty Castino and Martha Menth. We were ready to begin and wasted no time starting.

In our first three years of existence our fundraising has generated over $25,000 for Piner. In 2007 we established a crab feed with the Boosters and Foundation that in two years added an additional $26,000 to Piner’s fundraising endeavors.

  • President – Jim Lanz
  • Vice-President – Randy Nunes
  • Treasurer – Open
  • Secretary – Dave Albritton
  • Board Officer – Bob Zeni
Executive Committee
  • Jim Underhill
  • Jan Hansen
  • Betty Castino
  • Joan Fleck
  • Wayne Giullory
  • Steve Casperson
  • Lee Torliatt
  • Bill Coset
  • Paul Sanchietti
  • Scott Garcia
Volunteer Committee
  • Cathy Lanz
  • Sheryl Jordan
  • Dave Jordan
  • Karen Guillory
  • John Marracq
  • Pete Ketchum
  • Jeanne Ashcraft
  • Jim McCray
  • Betsy Marracq


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